Virtual Reality Psychology: Means to Self-Actualisation

Positive people make a better society. Positivity can be achieved through behavioral change. The realm of positive psychology is thriving. However, long lasting behavior change is difficult to achieve. Remember what happened to your last New Year’s Resolution? We take a look at Virtual Reality Psychology a means to self-realization and achieve the goals in your life.

What do Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Lindsey Vonn, Will Smith, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor have in common?

They believe in the power of visualization. For instance, Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque worth $10 million for “Acting Services Rendered”. He put the date of 1994 and carried it in his pocket everyday. He received a cheque of $10 million for the movie Dumb and Dumber in 1994.

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Power of Visualization and Positive Thoughts

Positive behavior changes are often achieved with the aid of professional coaches. The most common reason that people choose to work with a professional coach is to achieve fulfilling goals. That is the tip of the iceberg.

What is lying beneath the water line is that professional coaches create a safe space in which we can fully express ourselves to achieve self-actualization. In this empowered relationship we feel safe so we can be courageous. When we feel safe, we can create, we can invent, we can try new things, we can take incredible risks. We can do almost anything. Start thriving and we can reach our full potential.

Motivational speakers and success coaches advocate the power of visualization in achieving success. However, it is but natural to think about all the obstacles that one may face on your path to achieving those goals. Usually, we tend to think more about obstacles than the end goal, leaving us in a negative state of mind. As Robin Sharma quotes, ”Everything is created twice, once in our mind and then in reality”.

Virtual reality Psychology


Can Virtual Reality Psychology help bring the positivity and lift us to greater heights by accelerating this process of reaching your full potential? Read on.

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Jump-start your imagination

Professional coaches work with tools and interventions that tap into your creativity and imagination.

In professional coaching people are encouraged to imagine unconstrained and creatively. At first the right part of the brain has to get used to being more active and visualizations may take longer to become effective. It is like a muscle that we have not used for a long time. Initially, the images are less vivid and the emotional response not as strong as it can be.

This muscle receives a boost through Virtual Reality because you are immersed in the visualization. Instead of imagining your dream or goal you are actually living it.

Scientific research shows that our responses are just as immediate and primal to Virtual Reality as they are to the “real” reality.

We spot a spider scuttling towards us and we cringe. Floating in outer space we see our planet and we are in awe. We sit at impossible heights of a 1000m cliff and our stomach clamps tight. The experienced reality is intensified and our learning is immediate and palpable

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Repetition and Immersion

Virtual Reality Psychology


In order to realize a certain future you have to visualize it. You have to see it before you so that it is almost tangible. That you can almost taste and smell it. The more real your vision of your future is the more you can pull it in focus. Often and repeatedly.

If you only spend time once in the blue moon with the compelling vision of your future, it won’t become real. If you only talk once in a while with a close person about your dream future, it won’t become true. You need to talk, feel and think about it frequently. If you allow yourself to dream once in a while, it won’t become your future. Once you have the vision clearly in front of you, you start putting foundation under it. Your future can then be solidly built on it.

Sports psychologists have long practiced the visualization techniques and practices for achieving better performances on field. Motivational speakers have asked us to go through deep meditations and visualize ourselves having achieved those goals.

So instead of closing your eyes and imagining your goal, you enter the Virtual Reality in which you actually experience the goal. Virtual Reality is immersive. It is interactive and feels real. The most powerful tool of VR storytelling is creating the atmosphere that supports the story


VR will help to make your visions become solid and tangible. Because immersion and repetition help in achieving positive behavior changes at a rapid pace. Not only can you practice with your coach, but you also have the VR tools to practice at home.

The result? You start manifesting a new reality in which you live according to your strengths and values. You live a fulfilled life with meaning and purpose. That is when the world sees self-actualization in action.

Are you ready for the leap?

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About the Author:

Nadja Muller-den Blijker is the CEO and Founder of SONOVR.  SONOVR is a publisher of virtual reality applications for coaching, mental health & self-improvement. Our focus area is improving the vitality at the work place and preventing burn-out and depression combining Positive Psychology with Virtual Reality Psychology.

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Nadja Muller-den Blijker

Hi, I am Nadja, Founder of SONOVR, trained as an engineer, project managed large scale climate change mitigation and now certified professional coach. I am in the business of behavioural change for the positive. I am passionate about peace and happiness. Take a great stake in personal development. I long for a great future for our children.

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