Virtual Reality Gaming Zombies Freaked Renate Out.

You have played games and probably fallen off the chairs. But this is nothing like that. In this Virtual Reality gaming Video, this girl was attacked by Zombies from all sides and was completely freaked out. The couple played the Brookhaven Experiement by Phospor Games for the HTC Vive.

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If you still don’t believe what Virtual Reality can do, think again. Watch this video as Renate goes creepy and refused to play it again though the computer said she survived the game. Renate screams, shakes and hyperventilate for those 3 minutes. I am sure these videos will have a warning messages in the future “Only For BraveHearts”.

Renate can be seen shooting in the dark before the zombies start attacking her from all sides. Zombies then start getting closer and closer while Renate looses precious time in reloading her gun. She can be seen with two Virtual reality controllers in her hand. One is the torch while other is the gun.

She literally spins around spotting and shooting each Zombie surfacing from nowhere. Killing one zombie after another, she survived the game. But she later refused to play it again. I mean, who would want to play such a game again. Only a braveheart and an avid Virtual Reality Gaming fan would definitely. It is sheer fun to watch it. It would be good to know if neighbours complained to the police for all that screaming by Renate… huh

Brookhaven Experiement by Phospor Games Zombie Video


Stay tuned as we bring more such stunning Virtual Reality Gaming Videos very soon.

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