Top 5 Wildlife VR Videos For Virtual Jungle Safari

How often you want to experience the feeling of being in a beach in Miami or be with a wild animal in the jungle or perform  a nerve-racking stunt and feel wistful that some things are beyond you? We present to you five best wildlife VR videos to take you up close and personal with the most dangerous creatures on earth using these wildlife VR Videos – Your Virtual Safari or Virtual dive under the ocean. Whether you are a VR enthusiast or  a newbie to this world, we bet you will love the wildlife VR video we bring before you with brief  snippets of the content.

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Eye Of The Tiger 360 Degree VR Video

This Wildlife VR video is one minute and thirty nine seconds long. It is shot in a tiger enclosure at  Dierenpark Amersfoort Zoo, Netherlands.  So here is the scene, The big cat enters the frame in regal strides with background music akin to beating of drums. There is an announcement made in human voice. What follows is a mesmerizing vision of the ferocious animal in its lair, making attempts to catch a piece of meat tied to a rope.  The tiger leisurely gives up on his antics in the last few frames. But as audiences, we certainly get a feel of being inside his abode and a part of his antics. The video is sure to leave wild animals enthusiasts craving for more such wildlife VR Video experiences.

With a VR cardboard on, you really feel like being inside the cage with the tiger. Audiences have claimed that they felt really scared too. Though some commented that the tiger should have looked bigger than it did. All in all, a great VR experience.


Surrounded by Wild Elephants

The 360 degree VR video is two minutes and thirty six seconds long and starts with the view of a vast deep green grassy terrain with mountains overlooking the terrain. The video focuses on the picturesque surroundings for a few seconds. After this, the audience is greeted with the view of a herd of wild elephants marching towards the camera. The majestic creatures emerge from the terrain and as if on cue bifurcate into two lines. There is a roaring sound and one of the elephants gets startled and then all of them leave the frame leaving the viewers enthralled with the amazing experience of being part of the scene.

It is a great wildlife VR video for lovers of wild elephants and has received positive response from the viewers. There is a feeling however, that the video deserves more viewers than it has.



Wild Dolphins VR / 360° Video Experience

The VR video is two minutes and eight seconds long . It was shot in the red sea in Egypt. The video captures the beautiful azure waters of the underwater sea and starts with some hazy visions of underwater plants. It then slowly moves to a scene where wild dolphins are swimming. There is background music that is so soothing to the ear that one realizes why the streaming text in the video calls  it a ‘Healing  VR experience’. The video is successful in transporting the audience to the beautiful underwater world. Most epithets like ‘marvelous’,  ‘real’  and  ‘wonderful’ bestowed on it not just for the visuals but also for the music. It’s a must watch for those who want to have few moments in underwater with the wild dolphins in a great VR set-up.



Great White Sharks – Close encounter on Amazing Virtual Dive

The video is one minute and forty three seconds long and captures great white sharks on sea water. The video starts with a shoal of fish swimming in unison.  Then the hero of the video appears- The white shark. The voice over explains how the acute senses of the Shark could sense the presence of fish and made its appearance to attack the fish. It goes on to explain about the white Shark’s reputation as a ferocious predator. It explains how they themselves face the threat of survival. The video is a mind-blowing example of VR, as the audience feels part of the underwater scene. The audience has a close brush with the Shark at one point and can clearly see its internal parts. At other times, the audience can feel the huge strides made by the fish leaving ripples in the water. It manages to intimidate the audience and a viewer joked that one must avoid the video when one is high! Most feedback unanimously proclaims it to be wonderful VR produce.

The  short video produced by Curioscope is a sample showcasing virtual reality and viewers need to subscribe to watch the rest of it.



In the Presence of Animals – 3D 360

The wildlife VR video is five minutes and eleven seconds long. It takes the audience through different wild animals in a terrific VR setting. The video starts with a herd of bison shot in the mountainous terrains of Utah in the United States. A moving Bison gives the audience a feel of being part of the terrain among these creatures. The video moves to show other animals like the Jaguar, a large turtle at the beach, the Frigate bird known as the pirate of the air, butterflies that travel miles from Canada to Mexico. It explains how each of these animals face a threat to their survival. As the video moves to show different animals in different locations, the audience too feels as if they are moving from place to place with these species. The voice over and  the background music adds to the  somber mood of the VR video.

The video has received positive feedback from viewers because it not only gives a terrific VR experience but manages to have an emotional impact on them.


Stay tuned for more such amazing stories, we plan to bring on VRCherries.

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