How to Learn Virtual Reality and Become an Expert?

The journey of thousand miles begins with a simple step. Career in Virtual Reality is going to be rewarding. Before we start to learn virtual reality, let’s understand what is virtual reality.  This may be good read for absolute beginners to intermediate levels. So, let’s begin to learn virtual reality. You could be a content creator, developer or an aspirant who wants to probably build her career and learn Virtual Reality. We have attempted to cover it.

We assume you have already Googled about it, read few articles, have gone through the link above. So all we want to do is, provide this information in a bit more structured manner so that you can choose your level as well as your favorite medium to learn virtual reality.

If you are a complete beginner for VR, take baby steps, one at a time and then learn the technical nuances of VR.


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Go through the quick 31 minute Introductory course of Virtual Reality on this Udemy course rated 4.6 out of 5.

Take this course of 71 videos on YouTube after finishing the above crash course with all the jargon and what’s happening around.

I personally loved these academically inclined, VR lectures by professor Steve Lavalle, University of Illinois. Prof Steve is one of the inventors of Oculus VR. The goals of this 20 hour course available freely on YouTube are,

  • Learn to Build a Good Virtual Reality Experience – Good means Comfortable and Adequate for task. (These two words are so critical considering we tend to complicate things)
  • Understand How VR works
  • Learn to criticise VR – So that we can improve VR
  • Learn Fundamentals to shake/build the future of VR

We have added a video below. It’s shear brilliance of the Prof Steve that the concepts clears in matter of minutes and it really opens up your mind in thinking about what Virtual Reality really is and how should one go about developing VR application.


The entire course is available on YouTube as a playlist.

Prof Steve also has an eBook which you can download from here and a must read to learn virtual reality.

  • A starting point for a VR developer is the 1 hour course from Udemy at a list price of $20. it starts out with developing a VR Application for Oculus Rift on Windows using Unity3D.
  • We also suggest, you take the 15 hour course from Udemy. It, however, does have certain pre-requisites such as hardware and software (cardboard, Mac for iOS, PC capable of running unity) Though the course mention about no programming required, we suggest you get yourself acquainted to .NET environment and C# basics. This is not recommended for advanced developers.


VR Content creation

If you want to learn virtual reality to create some great 360 degree or Virtual reality videos, we suggest you go through this 2 hour course from Udemy. It is FREE and explains the nuances of VR film making. It has been rated 4.5.


Formal University Education

For those who want to have a formal education, University of Illinois also has a course on VR under the leadership of Prof Steve.

Aspirants from India can also take this course from KOENIG Solutions.


Develop using Unity and Unreal

Having said that, there is no substitute for self learning and trying things on your own. We also suggest you to go through various tutorials of Unity

For developing experiences and applications using Unity and Unreal we suggest you start with the respective tutorials and videos. By now, we are sure you have gained enough knowledge of Virtual Reality. A better way is to try both these and see which one you are more comfortable with as well as the type of application you want to build.

Links for getting started:


For Bloggers

For bloggers who simply wants to build a Virtual Reality view of their 360 pictures, we suggest you go through our post how to embed VR images in your blog. It is a very simple and easy way using WordPress plugind.

Sharing is caring and also one of the best ways to increase knowledge around. So share it if you have liked it.

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A digital enthusiast, who is amazed by the power of Virtual Reality. Here to share what I read.

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