HSBC: Virtual Reality Will End Car Collisions And Related Deaths.

A research done by HSBC predicts that the Virtual reality will eventually eliminate the need for people to go out. This will have wide ranging impact on the Tourism and Transportation sector. We have different take that if these reports and analysis are to be believed, it will have major impact on multiple sectors. We analyse in the following sections.

As per HSBC report, less number of people going out will mean lesser cars and hence less collisions. It goes further and predicts that more AI enabled cars would almost eliminate the collisions. Does that mean a smarter car driving on smarter roads with Augmented Reality stickers which will guide the car’s AI processor? Possibly yes. That’s what HSBC wants us to believe based on the events in the past. There is enormous logic to it and a very sensible one.

It goes on to say that physical mails almost disappeared in 2015. We don’t have physical mails delivered to us unless we demand it or it is legally required. Those who have seen 1990s would agree that physical posts and mails are history, at least for personal communication. It is also backed up by the data. The number of emails sent today are close to 200 billion per day compared to 12 Billion per day in 2000. During the same period, physical mails dropped by 40%. This is a huge switch in the way we communicated back then.

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The physical music and entertainment formats such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays are almost gone. We simply download it now.

As the technology evolves, as Virtual Reality experiences get closer to real experiences and VR starts engaging humans on all sensory organs, that will be key to make this happen.

People will travel to Virtual cities as if they are real. HSBC analysts Davey Jose and Anton Tonev said. Virtual malls with virtual reality enabled shopping and social experience.

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Will that be the start of matrix?

We seriously doubt whether it will be able to completely replicate the real world. But even if it does to some extent, I think it will have much larger impact on other sectors as well.

If there is no need for people to come out of their homes, ask yourself these questions,

  • Why do we stay in cities?
  • Why do we travel to offices?
  • Why do we decorate homes?

Start imagining what will be the future in 2040. No need to go out of home and to the offices. So I can stay and work from anywhere in the world. Huge impact on Real Estate.

If no need to go out, why do I need a car? Those who fancy driving it and want that physical thrill may want to own it. But hey, the Virtual Reality can give you that adrenaline rush of driving a car at 100 mph. Huge impact on the automobile sector.

If I can simply build walls and all the decorations on it are super-imposed using mixed reality, do I really need those expensive paintings on my wall?

It is scary if we are really heading towards that. Is it just my imaginations running wild or you seriously think it may happen in our times? Let me know.

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