Everything You Need To Know About Baahubali-2 Virtual Reality

Baahubali VR is making the buzz all over the world and rightly so. The first look of Bahubali – The Conclusion, or Bahubali-2 was unveiled at the JIO MAMI 2016 event. First part of the movie, Bahubali – The Beginning, was a blockbuster Bollywood movie. The First look coincided with the birthday of the Star of the movie, Prabhas. Indeed, it met with the standing ovation and within an hour was trending on social media with various hashtags such as #baahubali #bahubali #bahubaliVR. Moreover, how can we forget the most popular question left unanswered from Bahubali – The Beginning, #WKKB – Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?

The first look of Bahubali – The Conclusion is only 25 seconds long. However, In those brief seconds, it makes an impact. The video starts with a lightening in the clouds and then the lead Prabhas appears in his majestic get-up as a prisoner. The background music and Daler Mahendi’s voice in the title song does complete justice to the first look video.


Let’s now talk about the Bahubali VR Experience. The VR community, world over, is talking about the Baahubali VR. VRCherries was among the firsts to bring out the story behind the Baahubali VR. It was when the team Baahubali held their first press meet as a precursor to the rest of the events.

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In this article, we are going to cover the details of the Bahubali – The Conclusion virtual reality, 360 degree video of On the sets of Baahubali, people involved in this project, various tools and technology behind the Baahubali VR, where to get Bahubali VR Cardboard Headsets and much more.

We first came to know about the VR Intentions of Bahubali 2 when the producer, director and the Sr, Vice President of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group spoke about the use of VR for Baahubali-2. Have a look at this short video from the conference in NEXT pavilion.

The Technology Behind Bahubali VR

The technology that powers the Bahubali VR comes from the labs of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group. AMD unveiled it’s new VR camera – BB360CC at the Mumbai Film Festival, 2016. It also showcased the world’s fastest 360 degree video stitching software, Project Loom. It significantly reduces the time required for stitching 360 degree video. Project Loom is an open source project and will be available by end of this year for content creators. In real-time or almost in real-time, Project Loom can collect the data from 24 different cameras at 1080p and 60 frames per second. It then stitches it to produce a 360 degree video at 4K resolution.

baahubali VR

Image Courtesy Radeon.com

Bahubali VR is a combination of Great story telling with jaw dropping CGI, Radeon Pro Graphics, Loom Software and the BB360CC camera.

The next in line, The Sword of Baahubali promises to take the cinematic VR to the next level. It will be available by March, 2017 and will be a fully interactive and transformative VR experience. Only high end, truly VR headsets such as Oculus and HTC Vive will be used for the VR Booths installed in more than 300 cinema theaters across India for Sword of Bahubali.


People and Companies Involved.

Some of the best names in the Cinematic and VR world are involved in this challenging, state of the art project.

  • Produced by – Arka Mediaworks India
  • Concept & Direction – Vijay Yelakanti & S S Karthikeya
  • Music – M M Keeravaani
  • VFX & VR Supervision – Srinivas Mohan
  • Created on Radeon Pro
  • VR Camera – BB360cc
  • Camera Rig – 360 Designs
  • Radeon Technologies Group – Mikael Bourges-Sevenier & Loom Team
  • Sound Design – P M Satheesh, Manoj M Goswami
  • Line Producer – Devika Bahudhanam
  • Post Production Workflow – The Foundary, Nuke, CaraVR
  • Nuke Team – Chiranjeevi Rao Yerra, Yesu Babu Rajanala, Venkata Ramana Cunti, Badarinath Chinimilli, Sravan Swargam, Phani Vihari Gantala, D Lakshmi Prasad.
  • Roto Support – Annapurna Studios, Accel Media, Outliner VFX, Sarathi Studio, Beyond Studioz
  • Sound Design Studio – Fireflys Post Sound
  • Sound Editor – Subhashree Das
  • Studio Supervisor – Vimal Kumar T K
  • VR Camera Assistants – Pradeep Juluru, Devarapalli Prudhvinath
  • DI – Annapurna Studios – C V Rao, SIvakumar BVR
  • Location Sound & Sound Engineer – Obulesh Thota


Baahubali VR Cardboard

While you can watch the 360 degree video shot on the sets of Baahubali – The Conclusion, using any Google Cardboard, the Bahubali team also marketed a co-branded Baahubali VR Cardboard. It is currently available on Irusu India website for Rs. 349 (~ $5).

Baahubali VR cardboard was not available on Amazon at the time of writing this article. Well, the co-branded VR cardboard is a must to have if you are a Baahubali fan. However, your mobile phone needs to be VR compatible to view the 360 degree video. Check out if your phone is VR compatible.

baahubali VR cardboard

Image Courtesy: Irusu India.

How to watch On the Sets of Baahubali VR Experience?

In this 2 minutes and 37 seconds long video, Director Rajamouli speaks to the audience on how to watch the ‘On The Sets of Baaubali’ 360 degree video. We truly admire and appreciate the effort the team has taken to educate the masses. The user will need a Google Cardboard, a Smartphone, and a fast and stable internet connection. Cardboards are available at different prices, some are high-end and others reasonably priced.

To watch the video, download Cardboard app on your Smart Phone, and on Settings, click Switch Viewer. The Google Cardboard box will have a code scanner which needs to be scanned. This step is to ensure that your phone is configured for the Baahubali Viewer.

In the next step, access YouTube, in quality select 720s provided you have a good internet connection or a minimum definition of 1080s. You can move your phone around to view the video from any angle and get a good 360 degree experience. But the best way is always to get a cardboard for your phone. Put your phone inside the cardboard and move it in any direction.

You will instantly be transported to the sets of Baahubali for the best VR experience.


What to expect from “On the sets of Baahubali – A VR Experience?

The video is five minutes and forty two second long. It will give you a chance to take a peek at the makings of the master piece.

The first few frames of the video will take you to the city center of Maheswari. This is a location where an important sequence of the movie is  shot. The location is huge spanning 100s of acres but what is visible in the movie is a minuscule part of it. Parts of the video is shot from a height which gives a good view of the mammoth set that has been built.

The location is a palace courtyard and the set is grand. The highlight of the video is the appearance of some of the star cast like Anushka, Rana Daggubati, and the lead character Prabhas. They playfully point out few areas where they shot some memorable scenes. However, all along, director Rajamoulli keeps a close watch on them to not reveal any scenes. Obviously, the crew abides by the rules made by the captain of the ship!

But you are sure to get a great VR experience. You will feel you are watching the shooting first hand. What more do movie buffs want?




I am sure by now you are an expert to talk about the Virtual Reality experience of Baahubali 2.

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