Emerging Trends in Virtual Reality in Next 12-18 Months.

We discussed with many participants during a seminar. Also what I observed during many discussions, it appears to me that we will very soon have two distinct trends in Virtual Reality. We call them, RVR – Real Virtual Reality and VVR – Virtual Virtual Reality. Interesting terms, isn’t it? Let me explain what we mean by these and how the Virtual Reality will evolve to these two.

There are mainly two trends in Virtual Reality Applications that we see these days. One form of Virtual Reality is where we present an existing and real object in VR for a physically far off user. We already have multiple use cases and Travel and Tourism or live events telecast etc might come in this category of VR. However, when we build an imaginary or virtual world for the user such as Virtual Reality Games, Real Estate Virtual Tours for not yet built property, Educational etc, it may come in the VVR category.

We believe these trends in Virtual Reality will also segregate various tools, technologies, content creators, application developers and so on. We are not saying it will lead to who wins the race type of arguments.  But it will surely drive the focus of various companies.

Some examples:

A real estate company may go for an VVR type of application in the beginning when the project is not built. However, one crucial thing to keep in mind for all high value transactions is that it will remain as a good sales and marketing tool. The customer would almost always want to view the actual site. That is where there is a greater need of RVR.

For that matter, I would prefer to look at the Virtual Reality view of the actual Eiffel tower than a computer built simulation of it. Almost all travel and tourism applications will also fall in the same category.

VVR would never require a 360 degree camera that will almost always be required by RVR. As the content is created and presented in a different manner you will require different processes, tools and technologies.

The Greenlight VR Top Consumer Interests in June 2016 throws some interesting facts.

GreenLight VR Trends in Virtual reality

The top three types of applications are Virtual Tourism, Movies and Videos followed by Live Events. So you know what the market really wants.


At the cost of going against my own statement of not indulging in a race, but I think RVR will generate more content as more and more platforms starts supporting it, more manufacturers bring out hardware to capture images. RVR will also emerge as the most popular form of Virtual Reality.

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